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First Robotic Competition

Our team winning the Rookie Inspiration Award (2015)

Impossible Robotics is a non-profit organization that participates in the First Robotics Competition. Our team (team 5412) is mainly composed of High School students from Ubbo Emmius and College students from the Hanzehogeschool.

We are a team located in the North of the Netherlands. We started with FLL and built our way up through FTC to get to FRC. With a team growing each season bigger and better we take on the challenge to encourage the multidisciplinary commitment to skills and technology.

Impossible robotics were founded in august 2014. Team 4481 taught us the essentials for having a FRC team. Now we are trying to progress our team each year and teach our students the essentials of building robots. Examples of these skills are engineering, programming, time management, presentation skills, teamwork and leadership.

Each season we made a lot of new friends within the FIRST community and we can hardly wait to meet them again upcoming season.

Meet our team

Niels van der Wal
Team Captain
Hey, I am Niels van der Wal. I am one of the team captains for Impossible Robotics. I am a mechatronics student at the Hanze University at Groningen. I started FIRST in 2012 with an FLL team. In 2013 I went with team FAV to Florida where we won a prize in the open world championship. In 2014 I was one of the builders in an FTC Team, Team Turf. Last FRC season, aerial assist, I joined team Rembrandts, to learn more about the FRC program. With all this experience we decided to start our own FRC team, Impossible Robotics.
Ronald Hinrichs
Team Captain
Hey, I am Ronald Hinrichs. I am one of the team captains for Impossible Robotics. My FIRST adventure started in 2012 with FLL, my team back then reached the school finals. That year I became really enthusiastic about FIRST so I was a referee on some regionals and the Benelux final a year later. In 2014 we decided to start a FTC team on our school and we went to the Dutch championship, also that year we did an internship by Team Rembrandts to learn about FRC, what was a huge success with two amazing awards. The story will continuous in 2015 with a new FRC team, Impossible Robotics!!!
Gerben Zandberg
Hello, I am Gerben Zandberg, 20 years old. I am a mentor in team Impossible Robotics and a Mechanical engineering student at the Hanze school. i will try to use my experience from different projects to guide this team to efficient and peacefull cooperation and building. I will pick up as many tasks as i can and help get a robot made in the meantime I am new to First and this will also be my first America-experience.
Evan Bosman
Jeanine Meems
Social Media
My name is Jeanine Meems and I am 17 years old. In High School I participated in a competition from FIRST Lego League. I enjoyed the competition very much, although we weren’t very good. A few years later a few team members of Impossible Robotics asked me to join them. I was enthusiastic and interested about FIRST and that’s why I said yes. I am studying Social Assistance at Stenden Hogeschool. That’s why my job is to keep all the social media up to date. I am also writing a blog during building season. Feel free to contact us! Good luck this season.
Kerwin Phillips
My name is Kerwin Phillips. I am one of four programmers for Impossible Robotics, where, with another teammate, I program the autonomous period. During competitions I am in charge of outer team communications. I started FIRST in 2012 with an FLL team. In 2013 I went with team FAV to Florida where we won a prize in the open world championship. In 2014 I joined Team Turf for an FTC season. Last spring with team Rembrandts and some FTC teammates, we went to America to learn about FRC and starting our own team for 2015, which was the starting point of our newest team, Impossible Robotics.
Mark Nijboer
My name is Mark Nijboer. I'm one of four programmers of Impossible Robotics. I'm the one who built this website and I'm programming our robot together with my teammates.
Four years ago I started in the FIRST Lego League. I helped building the robot but I could not join the game because I needed the time at school for an additional school subject. Two year later I started making websites and programs. After these years I've learned a lot about programming and I like it even more. That's why I'm studying Computer Science.
Now I want to take it to the next level and start programming robots. This is my first year of FRC and I hope there are many years to come.
Dylan Vos
Alana Bosman
Anna Woudstra
Henk van der Wal
Hi, my name is Henk van der Wal. Founder and Coach of Impossible Robotics. I started in FIRST three years ago when my son asked me if I wanted to coach him and his FLL friends. From that moment my life has changed radically. With this FLL team FAV we ended up in the Invitational World Championship in Florida were we won First Place Award for Inspiration, and inspirational it was. We made a lot of new friends and learned about FTC and FRC. We knew there and then we wanted to start our own FRC team. And now three years later here we are! Impossible Robotics Challenging the Impossible!
Peder Geurts
Nick Schmitz
In 2014 I joined the FRC competition with Team Rembrandts. We won 2 prizes that year that we are very proud of. My job was all about the frame and the game rules. In the last weeks I solved the catching problem we had with our robot.
From now on I will be mentor of ‘Impossible Robotics’ since my experience have grown last year and my study from past years are very useful.
As a mentor I am focusing to teach the student to think about more and unique solutions. Giving them advice and let them think in other directions than usual. I do not decide the design of the robot nor their strategy, it’s all about the students robot. Besides giving them unique advice and experience in thinking I will concentrate in some outreach-projects so they don’t have to think about it this year.
I wish everyone a fun competition, good luck!
Roy Schriek
In 2014 I joined the FRC competition with Team Rembrandts. The team went to Rayleigh and St. Louis ‘empty handed’ and left with 2 prestigious prizes. The award winning robot, The Nightwatch, had a beautiful software system that I am proud to have worked on. Also, the bumpers and some minor mechanical solutions have a little Roy-touch to it. Now, 2015, I am a mentor to ‘Impossible Robotics’ since the experience gained from last year can greatly help this very promising rookie team. As a mentor, I am focusing on team dynamics, giving advice on robot construction and doing some minor outreach-projects. Everyone competing in FRC, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
Geert Mollema

Our drivers team

Ronald Hinrichs
Driver coach
Evan Bosman
Human Player

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