Energy Impact: robot game

The second FGC game is Energy Impact. Every match teams would randomly be paired to form alliances of 3 teams and work together against a different alliances to generate the most energy. Again teams were only allowed to use parts from the robot kit they received at the start of the competition. The team was allowed to have a driver team consisting of up to four members. These members would fulfill the roles of the team captain, the human player and the two drivers.


During the game there are five main ways to generate energy, The Combustion Plant, The Reaction Plant, The Wind Turbine, The Solar Panels and The Coopertition Bonus. To earn points you need to use cubes. There are two types of cubes. Powerline cubes and fuel cubes. To generate points with the ways mentioned above, you first need to deliver a powerline cube to the alliance powerstation. The cube then needs to be placed in the corresponding slot by a human player, to connect the powerline.


The Combustion Plant:
Each alliance has there own dedicated combustion plant. There are two ways to score points in the combustion plant. You can score fuel cubes in either the low goal or the upper goal. Scoring in the low goal will earn you five kJ per fuel cube, while scoring in the upper goal will earn you twenty kJ per scored fuel cube. If you score fuel cubes in the combustion plant before connecting a powerline, the cubes will count when you do connect the powerline


The Reaction Plant:
In the middle of the field is the reaction plant. The reaction plant is shared by the alliances. Teams must connect it to a powerline and fill all eight slots to gain points. Ones a alliances has done this, the reaction plant will generate three KJ per second for the remainder of the match.


The Wind Turbine:
At the alliance wind turbine, the team will have to make sure they connect it using a powerline cube. After that, the robot can start it by spinning the starter crank at the base of their alliance’s windmill. Once the crank has rotated three times, the wind turbine will be spinning to indicate that it has started to produce power. When started, the wind turbine will generate one kJ per second for the remainder of the game.


The solar panels:
Teams can pick up a solar panel from the alliance loading zone. They then have to bring it to the alliance power station, where it can then be placed in the solar array. For the remainder of the match, the solar array will generate 1 kJ per second, for each solar panel. You can place a maximum of five total panels.


Coopertition bonus:
Each alliance can receive a coopertition bonus, by connecting their power stations using powerline cubes. The cooperition bonus is a 100 kJ. this is executed by delivering a cube, to the opposing alliance’s power station. Only if both alliance’s do this will the bonus be received.

At the end of the game, alliances can gain additional points by parking their robots by the alliance power station. Alliance’s will receive 15 kJ for one robot, 30 for two and 50 for all three robots.


If you want more information, you can click here to go to the game manual.