H2O Flow 2017

H2O Flow was the first ever FIRST Global Challenge. The FIRST Global Challenge or FGC is an anual event comparable to the Olympics. Every country is allowed to sent one team consisting of a maximum of 10 players. All players have to be between the age of 14-18. There are also teams representing each continent.

For the first year of the FGC, we were selected to send a team to represent the Netherlands. In about 3 weeks we build the robot, before our coach and two of the students left for Washington. H2O Flow was an amazing experience for us. The robots are a bit less complicated than our usual challenge, but this proved to be a great way to give our newer members some first hand experience.

To get a general feeling of the competition you can watch the event recap here:

Like other FIRST competitions there is a new challenge each year. In the first season the challenge was H2O Flow.

You can find more information about the challenge here.
You can find more information about our robot here.
You can find more information about our progression here.

If you want to see more of the event you can see the full opening ceremony, competition day 1 and competition day 2 here:
Opening ceremony
Competition day 1
Competition day 2