FRC Kick off

On fifth and sixth of January we had our annual kick-off event. Like the last few years, we did this event in the Doe Museum in Veendam. During this event the FIRST Robotics Competition officially started. A live stream was held, on which this years challenge is revealed to all the participating teams.

On the first day of the event we focused on discussing the different options for our robot and strategizing our plan for the challenge. We looked at all the different challenge we could encounter during the competition and choose the most effective solutions.

The second day we continued to explore our options we choose for the robot. We prepared everything for the coming weeks, so we can start working right away. During the second day we also did demonstrations with our robots for the kids at the museum.

We are excited for the upcoming weeks and wish all the other teams the best of luck for the Destination: Deep Space season.


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