March 20, 2017

Day 2 – qualification
We started the day early once again. We had to rehearse our national anthem together with team Rembrandts, which meant we had to be there early. During the opening of the event every foreign team had to sing their country's national anthem. After the opening was done, we raced to the pit area to complete our robot and send it off to the safety inspection. It was official, we passed inspection and we were so happy! We could finally compete in the competition.

Our first match wasn't very impressive, as was the second. We only drove around to defend our base and hinder the robots in the opposite alliance, which was actually very good! Between every match we could work on our robot for about half an hour. Our goal was to climb. We had to climb! We were so lucky with all the help we had from the other teams. Especially the Tech-Tiger Robotics (1251). They helped us put the system together for climbing. We worked together as hard as we could and after some testing we could say with conviction that our robot could climb. We were so excited! All we had to do was run our last match. We started the autonomous with 5 points for crossing the line and of course our famous dance (spinning three pirouettes). Then we defended our alliance in order to prevent the other alliance from getting gears. Then as the the last thirty seconds hit, time to show off our hard work. And as we had hoped, our robot climbed. It was so amazing to see! The drivers stood there cheering and jumping, the other team members in the stands were cheering and hugging. We won the game together with our alliance. What a great feeling to end the first qualification day like this.

We found a place to eat, drove home and evaluated the day. We had a great day with so much to learn. Our hard work was rewarded in our last game.

Day 3 – qualification
Our last qualification day started in a hurry. We had to make our robot ready for the competition (we were the second match) and we also had to sing our country's national anthem again. After we sang at our best, we waited for our first match in excitement. During the match we did a great job defending for our alliance. In the last 30 seconds we wanted to let our robot climb, just like we did yesterday. Unfortunately one of the human players forgot to throw our rope down, we were surprised and disappointed. How could this have happened?

Luckily we had something great to do to cheer us up. We could give away our awards! We hurried ourselves to the pit area to get the awards. Then we hurried our way back to the stands where we could surprise the team with the most points for the Impuzzable Quiz. The winning team was team Krunch (79). We congratulated them and took a picture together. After that we went to the pit area to hand out the ´Wheel of First´ award. The rookie team Seahawk Metal (6722) was the convincing winner. They won with almost one hundred points. It means they spinned the Wheel that many times! Awesome isn't it? We took another picture together and focused on our robot again. We were a little tense right before our second match. Our robot didn't work. Yet we had to bring our robot to the field. For the whole match we stood beside the field. We can tell now how long 150 seconds are. It was another disappointment, but we had to focus on the last match and we had to make this work. We really wanted to make it work.

Our last match came. The robot was driving, the robot was defending and the last thirty seconds started. Would we also be able to climb? Yes we were! We were so relieved. Our team cheered and hugged. It was amazing. We could say our last match went as well as we hoped. It was great way to end our competition days.

The finals started after the qualification rounds. We weren't picked for an alliance. The other dtuch team on the other hand, team Rembrandts (4481) was asked to be an alliance with team SPAM (180) and The Robo Rays (1744). The matches were so exciting to watch. And guess what? They won the finals! They are going to St. Louis for the World Championship. That really is great.

We ended the day maybe even better. We helped team Exploding Bacon with cleaning up the arena. After that we could catch up with our FRC friends (who actually won the Chairmans Award that day). We ate together and talked a lot. It was great spending time with each other. After dinner it was time for us to leave. It was a long day with a rollercoaster of emotions, but is was amazing.

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