Practice day, helping teams and awards

  March 17, 2017

Thursday was our practice day. This is the day to practice, refine and finish the robot. We started this day early to work on our robot. Our goal was to pass the inspection so that we could participate in some matches. Due to some problems with the bumper we weren't able to pass the inspection. That meant we couldn't participate in the games. Besides that, our robot was not able to do much more than driving. Luckily we had great neighbor teams that could help us with their materials and servicesEvery team has his own stand at the pit area. In the pit area there is space to talk with other teams and work on your robot. Every pit looks different. Some of them are almost similar to a working space. Our pit has something special too. We have the Wheel of First'! The Wheel of First is awesome! It was designed to create more interaction between teams in the pit area. A team member spins the wheel, and a random team number comes out with a task. When they complete the task, they earn a point. The team with the most points will win the Wheel of First-Award.

Guess what, the Wheel of First works! Teams are dancing, cheering and high-fiving with each other. They take selfies, draw robots and offer other teams a helping hand. Teams were (and still are) competitive and want to win this award. We even did the Macarena three times in a row with four different teams, together! The game will continue till Saturday morning.

Besides the Wheel of First we have the 'Impuzzeble Quiz''. The Impuzzeble Quiz is a crossword puzzle containing all the team numbers participating in the Orlando Regional. Besides that, the teams have to find out where all the other teams are from. They have to point them out on a map, and the team with the completed crossword, and the most correct answers on the map wins the Impuzzleble Award. It's amazing to see the teams walking around with the Impuzzleble Quiz in their hands.

Of course we had to find a solution for the problem with the bumpers. We did not have enough material so at the end of the day we went to get some red fabric, instead of sail based fabric. Because the pit area was closing, we couldn't finish the bumpers. So we had to bring them home to continue working there.

After we had a good dinner (we were all starving at 9:30 pm), we went home and had a team meeting before going to bed. Some of us had to do a few last things before going to sleep, including the bumpers.

Conclusion: although the disappointment about the game and bumpers, we had a great first day of the FIRST Robotic Competition. We want to thank all the teams that helped us out with everything we needed.

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