Robot game

This years game is called Recycle Rush. The purpose of the game is to process garbage and litter. The garbage is symbolized by totes that are located in the middle of the playing field. This is called “The Landfill”. Here you can also find litter bins. There are two so called scoring platforms on each alliances half.

The purpose is to stack the totes on the scoring platform to a maximum of six totes per stack, put a bin on top of it with a pool noodle symbolising litter, in it. The game starts with a 15 seconds autonomous mode where the robot can pick up yellow totes and or bins at the other end of the field and put them in the scoring zone. Human players can insert totes and pool noodles in the field in the four corners at the human player station. Human players can also throw pool noodles on the field, trying to score on their own half or pollute the opponents half. By cooperation both sides can score 40 points each by stacking four yellow totes together on the centre platform. One round lasts two and a half minutes.

Confused? You can check out the Game Animation below.


And for the technical visitors, the Game Manual.