In 2018 our FRC season started when we came together to watch the reveal. On the first day, we immediately started by discussing possible designs for our robot and the next day we started working out the details on our concepts. In the following weeks we made prototypes of the different systems and finished our designs. Sadly, we did not succeed In finishing our robot before the regional started, so we had to continue working on it in Orlando.

In the FIRST Power Up season our team had a number of struggles. But we managed to get to the Orlando Regional with a working robot. Although our robot wasn’t completely finished we did our best in the matches and we had a great time. Because only one of our minors was at the regional, we worked together with team Exploding Bacon and team Chaos to complete our driver team.

Our robot uses a similar drivetrain to the robot we build for the FIRST Global Challenge. It has two traction wheels in the back and two omni wheels in the front. It was the first time that we used this for a FRC robot.

While we were working on the robot, we also started rebuilding our website from scrap. The team that build this website was completely different than the one that build our old website. We tried to give a lot more information and improve the overall experience. We think it’s been very successful so far and we will continue to work on it.

After the end of the building season we started working on a plan for the off-season. We have decided on several projects, including taking a look at our team structure, creating a good business plan and finding new team members. We will also be doing some maintenance on our older robots and we are going to start doing some team building activities.

We’re looking forward to the off-season and all the coming seasons and we hope to see everyone again at the next Orlando regional.