Ever since we started as an FRC team we have been active in outreach. Our main goal for outreach is to promote FIRST and STEM for everyone, from children to adults. We want to inspire them to learn and show them how fun it is.

When we go to an event we take as many robots as we can with us. At events, we let people control our robots themself. They can stack totes, climb on a bar, shoot balls or just drive around. This let’s them really experience what robotics is and it’s very effective, especially with children. Some children may think that robotics or technology is boring, but they soon change their mind when they can actually control one.

Outreach is also a way to put ourselves out there. We can get in contact with people, meet potential sponsors and sometimes get media attention. This helps our team grow and become more known.

Even though we are a small team, we try to do as much outreach as we can. Each year we’re doing more events. A lot of the events we do are technology related, like ‘Maak Festival Groningen’ or ‘Zpannend Zernike’. We also go to a lot of FIRST related events, in the 2017-2018 season we went to 2 FLL school finals, 4 regional finals and the Benelux finale.

If you are interested in having us at an event please click here. We look forward to meeting you!